• Gillian Keegan

Moving to India

With my life feeling quite nicely sorted, two children and 6 months' pregnant with our third, a horse property and two lovely, sane young horses, I learned that we were moving to India. I have never considered visiting India, travelling through it, or holidaying there. Not for a second. I know many people that have had absolutely fantastic experiences there, but it just wasn't a place that was calling out to me.

And now I was moving there. To make things worse, Mr Lawyer was moving there before Hungry Jack was due, flying back for the birth, then flying out again two weeks later. We had done major moves before - both international and interstate within Australia, but certainly not with a newborn and two other kids, not to mention eight animals to sort out!

I went through a couple of weeks of disbelief, waiting for it all to become official, and then, quite honestly, grieved for the upcoming loss of my Australian life. I loved my property, loved owning my ponies, and just couldn't cope with the fact that I wouldn't be the first to ride them like I had planned. I wanted to buy my children their first pony, and had pictured lead rein rides around our paddocks. But no, instead we would be living in Bangalore.

After the shock had worn off, the fog started to clear and I could look at the whole thing more objectively. Mr Lawyer had found an absolutely beautiful house, very close to a fabulous school for the kids. We would have lots more living space, a pool, warmth all year and amazing Indian food. The absolute icing on the cake was that our house was ten minutes away from a large equestrian centre, run according to British Horse Society standards with BHS instructors and horses that you could lease for yourself! I felt a weight lift off my chest. It sounds very spoilt brattish, but after living and breathing horses for the last five years, and having ridden for twenty-five years before that, the thought of having to give up horses was absolutely crushing. Of course, it didn't make selling my horses any easier, but that's another tale.

And so it was on. The planning started and somehow we managed to pack up the house, re-home animals, sell cars, sell my float, saddles, and a whole heap of stuff. We folded up our beautiful life into a 40 foot container and drove down our driveway.


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